IE2 High Efficiency AC Motors

IE2 High Efficiency AC Motors
Product Details

Center Height of Frame: H80~H355mm   

Rated Output Power: 0.75kW~315kW

Rated voltage, frequency: 380V, 50Hz (can be customized)

Protection Level: IP54, IP55

Thermal Class: 155 (F) (B temperature rise)

Cooling: IC411

IE2 High Efficiency AC Motors are a general purpose fully enclosed self-cooled constant speed squirrel cage type three-phase asynchronous motor, an upgrade product of  the Y2 series motor. It is suitable for driving a variety of mechanical equipment without special requirements.

Rated voltage is 380V and rated frequency is 50HZ. 3KW and below aopts Y connection method, while 4KW and above aopts Δ connection method.

The efficiency index of the motor has reached the energy efficiency level 2 of GB18613 "Limitation of Energy Efficiency of Small and Medium-sized Motors and Energy Efficiency Level", and meets the IE2 efficiency index of IEC standard. It is a new generation of energy-saving motor.

The core punching sheets of the stator and rotor are made with high permeability low loss cold-rolled silicon steel sheet. VPI vacuum pressure impregnation treatment makes the stator core with windings a complete whole. The winding and insulation have good electrical and mechanical performance, moisture resistance and thermal stability. 

The insulation grade motor is F-class, but the temperature rise meets the B Class requirements. 

The machine frame bearings are fully enclosed bearings with sealing ring on both sides. The strict control of bearing assembly and parts processing tolerance effectively reduces the vibration and noise.