IE3 Premium Efficiency Motor

IE3 Premium Efficiency Motor
Product Details

IE3 Premium Efficiency Motor

Center Height of Frame: H80~H355mm  

Rated Output Power: 0.75kW~315kW 

Rated Voltage: 380V

Frequency: 50Hz (Can be customized) 

Protection Level: IP54,IP55 

Thermal Class: 155(F)(B temperature rise)

Cooling: IC411

This IE3 Premium Efficiency Motor is a kind of low voltage cage type three phase induction motors with Premium Efficiency. This series of motors achieves the IE3 (Premium Efficiency) class energy efficiency rating of IEC00034-30: 2008 standard. This series of motors have the advantages of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, high efficiency and low noise. The motor has Class F insulation and B Class temperature rise, which guarantes the service life and reliability of the motor.

They can be widely used to drive all kinds of general machinery and equipment such as fans, pumps, machine tools, compressors and conveyors. They can also be used in petroleum, chemical, steel industries and other harshenvironment.