NEMA Self Cooled Motors

NEMA Self Cooled Motors
Product Details

NEMA Self Cooled Motors

Center Height of Frame: H355~H450mm 

Rated Output Power: 180kW~900kW

Rated Voltage, Frequency: 380V, 50Hz (can be customized)

Protection Level: IP54,IP55   

Thermal Class: 155 (F)

Cooling: IC411

NEMA Self Cooled Motors are a kind of totally closed cage type three phase induction electric motor. It features high efficiency, low noise, small vibration, high stalling torque, reliable operation, etc. It is suitable for driving a variety of machinery without special performance requirements. Its rated voltage is 380V and can also be made 220V, 400V, 415V, 660V, 1140V, etc.. The frequency is 50Hz and 60Hz can also be available according to users' requirements. Its installation size and power level fully comply to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards and the German DIN42673 standard.