Y2 YX2 High-pressure High-performance Cage Three-phase Asynchronous Motor for Compressors

Product Details

Center height of frame: H355~H560mm  

Power range: 185kW~1600kW

Rated voltage, frequency: 10000V, 6000V or 3000V, 50Hz (can be customized)

Protection level: IP54   

Thermal Class: 155 (F)

Cooling: IC411

Y2 YX2 series high-pressure high-performance motor is a type of three phase Cage Asynchronous Motor with single speed, continuous working duty, high voltage and high performance. The motors have advantages such as compact structure, small volume, good-looking appearance and IP54  waterproof protection. The motor can drive various mechanical equipment, such as water pump, fan, and compressor, etc.