YKK YXKK High Voltage AC Induction Motor

Product Details

Center Height of Frame: H355~H630mm  

Power Range: 185kW~2500kW

Rated Voltage, Frequency: 10000V, 6000V or 3000V, 50Hz 

(can be customized)

Protection Level: IP44,IP54,IP55   

Thermal Class: 155 (F)

Cooling: IC611

YKK YXKK Series High Voltage AC Induction Motor is a kind of three phase induction motor with single speed, continuous working duty, high voltage, High Efficiency and cage type. H355-H400 Frames are made with casting iron structure. H450-H630 frames are made with welded steel plate structure. 

The motors adopt F insulation and B temperature rise to greatly increase the operational reliability and service life.  The motors are suitable for various mechanical equipment, such as water pump, fan blower, and compressor, etc.