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History of development of electric motors

Feb 17, 2017

In 1835, produced the world's first machine to drive small motors of the tram for a blacksmith Arthur devenpont of the United States (Thomas Davenport). The early 1870 's, the world's first commercially available motor invented by Belgian electrical engineer Zenobe Theophile Gamme. In 1888, the famous American inventor Nikola Tesla should use Faraday principle of electromagnetic induction, invention, AC motor, induction motor. 

In 1845, the British physicist Whiston (Wheatstone) for linear motor patents, it is valued only in 1960, designed a practical linear motors, has been widely applied in industry. In 1902, the Swedish engineer Mr Danielsson using Tesla's concept of the rotating magnetic field of induction motor, synchronous motor was invented. In 1923, the Scotsman James Weir French invention of three-phase variable reluctance type (Variable reluctance) stepper motor. In 1962, by Hall elements, practical DC Brushless motors has finally come out. The 1980, practical ultrasonic motor started to come out.