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The principle of electric motor

Feb 17, 2017

Basis of the principle of rotation of the motor for Fleming left-hand rule, when placed in a wire within a magnetic field, if the wire through the current, wire cutting wire magnetic field lines moving. Current into the coil creates a magnetic field, magnetic effects of electric current to make electromagnet device for continuous rotation in the permanent magnet, can transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. With permanent magnets or magnetic fields generated by another set of coils interact to produce power DC motor stator fixed is the principle, according to the directions of the forces generated by interaction of the rotor. Through the stator windings of AC motor is alternating current, produce a rotating magnetic field, for rotation of DC motors with rotor of rotating magnetic field attracts the basic structure includes "armature", "magnet", "slip ring", "brush".

Armature: the can around the axis of rotation of a soft iron core wound coil. Magnet: generates a magnetic field strength of permanent magnets and electromagnets. Collecting ring: the coil around it at both ends to two piece of semicircle ring, with the turns of the coil, the Deflector available for changing the direction of current. Each roll half (180 degrees), coil's current direction changes again. Brushes: usually made of carbon, fixed-position brush slip rings contact, connected to the power supply.