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The structure of the three-phase motor

Feb 17, 2017

Starting three-phase Motors allow pressure, such as the load torque is unlikely, or reduced voltage starting method, reduced voltage starting motor starting torque when compared with the drop in voltage is proportional to the square, if the load moment of inertia machine (J) value within a certain range, the motor allows the cold start twice in a row, hot start in a row.

This series Motors frequency 50Hz voltage of 6kV, 10kV, two, its characteristics are as follows:

1. full compliance with the national standards (GB/T13957-92)

2. Motor efficiency than older products by an average of 2%

3. the use of box-shaped structure, zero m layout, easy to transport, installation, repair and maintenance. Save user civil investment, also according to user need to be flexible and change the motor ventilation and protection type.

4. the stator windings using "f" insulation systems for solvent-free dip

5. the motor end cap sliding bearings, to prevent the oil spill "gas seal" and floating labyrinth structure

6. three-phase motors made of cast aluminum or copper bar rotors, reliable operation.

Ventilation, protective type: radial ventilation motor ventilation, cooling air cover from the motor shaft to the side access cover on the motor and then by the radial side discharge.