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Three-phase motor

Feb 17, 2017

Three-phase motor, is a three-phase stator windings of the motor (the difference between the 120-degree angle), access after three-phase alternating current, will produce a rotating magnetic field, the rotating magnetic field cutting rotor windings, thus induced in the rotor winding (rotor winding is closed access).

Current-carrying conductors of the rotor in the stator rotating magnetic field will produce electromagnetic force, to form the electromagnetic torque on the motor shaft, the drive motor and motor rotation direction same as the rotating field direction.

Refers to the mechanical energy into electrical energy, electrical energy to mechanical energy in all machines. Refers specifically to the generator, electric machines, electric motors. Refers to the basis of the law of electromagnetic induction power conversion or transfer of an electromagnetic device.

Motor, also known (commonly known as the motor) in the circuit with the letter "m" (the old standard "d"). Its main role is to produce driving torque, as the power source with electrical or mechanical, electrical engineering total enclosed, fan-cooled, squirrel-cage structure.