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What is a spindle

Feb 17, 2017

Spindle are in recent years in the areas of NC machine tool spindle with integrated spindle motor technology, which together with the linear motor technology, high speed cutting tools technology will be to a new era of high speed machining. Spindle is a set of components, which include the spindle itself and its annex: spindle, high frequency transducer, oil mist lubrication, cooling, built-in encoder, tool changer.

Spindle the integration of technologies:

High speed bearing technology: composite ceramic bearing electric spindle usually, wear-resistant, traditional bearing life is many times; sometimes used electric or hydrostatic bearing of magnetic bearings, inner and outer rings do not contact life theoretically infinite;

High speed motor technology: electro-spindle is the product of motor and the spindle together, around the axis of rotation of the rotor of the motor part, theoretically as a high-speed electric spindle motor. Key technology of high speed dynamic balance;