NEMA Cage Type Motors

NEMA Cage Type Motors
Product Details

NEMA Cage Type Motors

Frame: 143T~587T;   

Rated power: 1-500HP, Service factor: 1.15

Rated voltage: 230/460V、460V or 575V

Rated frequency: 60Hz

Structure: TEFC (IP54、IP55)

Thermal Class: 155 (F)

NEMA Cage Type Motors conform to NEMA MG1 standard and adopt casting iron frames. The efficiency meets America NEMA EPACT standard. With Protection class IP54/IP55 and cast iron housing, the motors are dust proof and waterproof. With Class F insulation, the motors have good heat resistance, good impact resistance, excellent insulation and long life and can work in harsh environments. They can be used in most general places and machinery without special requirements, such as metal cutting machine tools, pumps, fans, transport machinery, mixers, agricultural machinery, food machinery, etc.