NEMA Continuous Working Motor

NEMA Continuous Working Motor
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NEMA Continuous Working Motor

Frame: 143T~587T;   

Rated power:  1 - 200HP,   2、4、6 pole,  service factor 1.25, CSA certification: Class I, Div. 2, Groups A, B, C & D-T3C(140-320Fr.)/-T3A(360-440Fr.)

250-500HP 2、4、6 pole; 3-350HP 8 pole,service factor 1.15

Rated voltage: 230/460V、460V or 575V

Rated frequency: 60Hz 

Structure: TEFC (IP54、IP55)

Insulation Grade: F

Frequency Range: 143T-447T  10:1 CT,20:1 VT  

NEMA Continuous Working Motor is a type of fully enclosed Squirrel Cage Self Cooled motor. It conforms to NEMA MG1 standard. The efficiency meets America NEMA Premium standard. Service factor is 1.25,1.15. The motors have passed America CC certification and Canada CSA certification. The body of the motor adopts casting iron frame. It has high efficiency, good energy saving effect, big starting torque, low noise, small vibration, high reliability, easy maintenance and so on. It is widely used in general occasions without non-flammable, explosive or corrosive gas and machinery with special requirements, such as metal cutting machine tools, pumps, fan transport machinery, mixers, agricultural machinery and food machinery.