NEMA Enclosed Motors

NEMA Enclosed Motors
Product Details

Frame: 143T~587T;   

Rated power: 1-500HP, Service factor: 1.15

Rated voltage: 230/460V、460V or 575V

Rated frequency: 60Hz

Structure: TEFC (IP54、IP55)

Thermal Class: 155 (F)

NEMA Enclosed Motors are a NEMA standard fully enclosed three phase induction motor. It features safe and reliable operation, easy maintenance, large starting torque, low temperature rise, low vibration and noise. This series of motor adopts Class F insulation. Service factor is 1.15. The rated voltage is 230/460V, 460V or 575V. The rated frequency is 60Hz. It is suitable for occasions with no special requirements and can be used to drive a variety of mechanical equipment. It is widely used in compressors, pumps and other transmission machinery in paper, biopharmaceuticals, steel, marine, cement industry.