NEMA Variable Frequency Motor

NEMA Variable Frequency Motor
Product Details

Frame: 143T~587T;   

Rated power:  1 - 200HP,   2、4、6 pole,  service factor 1.25, CSA certification: Class I, Div. 2, Groups A, B, C & D-T3C(140-320Fr.)/-T3A(360-440Fr.)

250-500HP 2、4、6 pole; 3-350HP 8 pole,service factor 1.15

Rated voltage: 230/460V、460V or 575V

Rated frequency: 60Hz 

Structure: TEFC (IP54、IP55)

Insulation Grade: F

Frequency Range: 143T-447T  10:1 CT,20:1 VT  

NEMA Variable Frequency Motor is a type of Squirrel Cage Self Cooled motor. They conform to NEMA MG1 standard and the whole series adopt casting iron frames. The motor has passed America CC certification and Canada CSA certification. It has high efficiency and reduce 5% -30% energy consumption of the original standard series. It has lower noise and less electromagnetic vibration than normal motors. It has better performance than the normal motors in ocassions requiring frequent start, frequent speed adjustment and frequent braking. It is suitable for mechanical equipment requiring hierarchical speed regulation in industries like machine tools, mining, metallurgy, chemicals, textiles and so on.