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Special Electric Motors Development Status

Jun 12, 2017

Special Electric Motors is an advanced and complex sets of power mechanical equipment, is a typical high-tech-intensive products. As a carrier of high technology, Special Electric Motors represents the comprehensive level of multi-theoretical and multi-engineering development, and is the leading technology of the 21st century. Development of new technologies, new materials, new technology in a Special Electric Motors industry, is the national high-tech level and scientific and technological strength of one of the important signs, has a very prominent strategic position.

Due to various reasons, China's Special Electric Motors with the international advanced level compared to still there is a big gap, has not yet formed a real industry. Many areas of power backwardness has become a bottleneck restricting the development of national economy, its technology is only a few developed countries in the world controlled by advanced Special Electric Motors in Western countries still restrict exports to China. Special Electric Motors is a major core equipment, if long-term dependence on imports, in the key technology subject to people, is not conducive to China's Special Electric Motors power industry and related industries healthy and rapid development. From the market capacity, the four major projects in the new century, "West-East", "West to East", "South-North Water Diversion" and other three projects require a large number of 30 megawatts of industrial-type Special Electric Motors, The rapid development of health industry requires a large number of 30 MW ship Special Electric Motors, China has become the world's largest Special Electric Motors potential market.

In the face of economic globalization, the international Special Electric Motors market fierce competition and foreign high monopoly of the new situation, the state of China's national gas industry is very important to the development of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology has our Special Electric Motors market development ideas and countermeasures into the " Twelve Five "and long-term development plan, the heavy Special Electric Motors is the country's priority development of 10 major technical equipment. Is the focus of national equipment manufacturing industry development areas, especially the gas - steam combined cycle unit and the overall coal gasification - steam combined cycle unit. Is expected to grow rapidly as China's energy demand as well as natural gas

Resources into the large-scale development and utilization stage, Special Electric Motors is forming a "explosive growth" of the market. By 2020, the national Special Electric Motors combined cycle installed capacity will reach 55 million kilowatts, is 50 years ago, 50 years has been built the same type of installed capacity of 25 times. Conservative estimates, only in the oil one, the annual need for Special Electric Motors value reached 30 billion. By 2015, the domestic Special Electric Motors market capacity can reach 30 billion yuan, while the international market capacity can reach 270 billion yuan.

"China's Special Electric Motors industry market research and future trends in the future report (2015)" In the years of Special Electric Motors industry research on the basis of the combination of China's Special Electric Motors industry market development status, through a senior research team to sort out the Special Electric Motors market information , And relying on the authority of the state data resources and long-term market monitoring of the database, the Special Electric Motors industry conducted a comprehensive and detailed research and analysis.