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Domestic And Foreign Special Electric Motors Types And Use

Jun 12, 2017

First, the concept of Special Electric Motors:

Motor as the main driving force source, widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense, public facilities, household appliances and other fields. Special Electric Motors means that in order to meet the different types of mechanical equipment to drag the motor performance requirements, and specifically for a particular type of machinery and equipment special needs and design, manufacture of special Special Electric Motors, the national economy growth for the Special Electric Motors industry continued Rapid development has laid a good foundation. Second, the type of Special Electric Motors

Special Electric Motors is divided into: a new type of rotating electrical machines, linear motors, non-electromagnetic motor three categories.

1, the new rotating electrical machine

(1) permanent magnet brushless motor:

Brushless motor definition: all with DC motor external characteristics, the use of electronic commutation of the motor collectively referred to as "brushless motor." Brushless motor advantages: 1, no brush, low interference. Brushless motor to remove the brush, the most direct change is that there is no brush motor running when the spark, which greatly reduces the spark on the remote control radio interference. 2, low noise, smooth operation. Brushless motor without brush, running friction greatly reduced, running smoothly, the noise will be much lower, this advantage for the model running stability is a huge support 3, long life, low maintenance costs. Less brush, brushless motor wear is mainly on the bearing, from the mechanical point of view, brushless motor is almost a maintenance-free motor, and when necessary, just do some dust maintenance can be.

(2) the new switched reluctance motor: Switched reluctance motor is a new type of speed motor, speed control system both DC, AC two kinds of speed control system advantages, is following the frequency control system, brushless DC motor speed System of the latest generation of stepless speed control system. Its structure is simple and solid, wide speed range, excellent speed performance, and in the entire speed range are high efficiency, high system reliability. It has two basic features: (1) switching - the motor must work in a continuous switching mode, which is why the various new power semiconductor devices can be obtained after the motor was able to develop the main reason. (2) magnetoresistive - fixed, the rotor has a variable magnetoresistive circuit, is a true reluctance motor.

(3) magnetic levitation motor: magnetic suspension motor is a bearing with a Special Electric Motors function, it is running, do not need any independent bearing support, so with no friction and wear, no oil pollution, long life and a series of advantages The

(4) Duplex permanent magnet motor: Duplex permanent magnet synchronous motor The stator of two disc motors is integrated with the stator of the outer rotor motor. The three rotors form a fully enclosed cylinder, and the stator is surrounded by it. And the space of the two end faces of the outer rotor type motor is used. Under normal operating conditions, the output power of the motor is not large, but the output torque is very large; therefore, the structure of the motor to low-speed large torque as the main feature, very suitable for oil pumping

Requires a lower speed, the output torque is very large occasions.

(5) Rolling type motor: Rolling type motor is a low moment of inertia, low speed AC motor, it is the use of cycloidal planetary transmission principle and the air gap in the magnetic field generated by the clever combination of magnetic work, Low speed can be achieved without gear reduction.