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Analysis Of Five-force Competitive Model Of Special Electric Motors Industry In China

Jul 04, 2017

Analysis of suppliers ' bargaining power

From the supply of raw materials, the production of raw materials in the domestic supply of adequate. From the field of supplier business, raw material suppliers for the comprehensive strength, large-scale enterprises, its customers all over the field of industrial production, for the Special Electric Motors industry dependent on relatively low. From the proportion of raw materials, all kinds of raw materials accounted for a large proportion of the cost of Special Electric Motorss, the profitability of the product has a greater impact.

Analysis of purchasing bargaining price

Special Electric Motors industry, small and medium-sized enterprises, the product homogeneity is more serious, the price competition is intense, but the purchaser can redeem freely, the purchase price is not high, and the general purchaser's purchase quantity is also more; at the same time, the downstream operators of Special Electric Motorss are mostly oil, ship, crane production enterprises, its scale is generally larger, strong. In the case of comprehensive buyers, buyers have a strong bargaining power.

Threat analysis of industry substitutes

With the increasing support to equipment manufacturing industry, the technology level will be improved rapidly. At the same time, energy-saving, environmental protection, high efficiency of the future development of an important trend, and the promotion of efficient, energy-saving Special Electric Motors will be accelerated, such as stepper motor will eventually be replaced by permanent magnet motor, the new principle of the motor will be with the market, technology and gradually become popular. Therefore, the Special Electric Motors industry in high energy consumption, outdated and backward must face the situation of elimination, product upgrading faster.

Industry potential entrants analysis

In recent years, the international well-known Special Electric Motors manufacturers have moved production base to China, and through the expansion of factories and mergers and acquisitions of domestic enterprises to expand market share. At the same time, some of the strong domestic enterprises also through mergers and acquisitions, investment in the construction of Special Electric Motors industry. Because of the international large-scale Special Electric Motors manufacturers technical advantages, the establishment of production base in China makes the competition of Special Electric Motors industry intensified, domestic enterprises to further increase the pressure of competition.

Analysis of existing enterprise competition in industry

In China, a company in Jiangxi is a leading enterprise of Special Electric Motorss in China. is a professional engaged in lifting metallurgy motor, high-voltage motor, such as Special Electric Motors research and development, production and sales of the National Torch Program High-tech Enterprises, in the lifting of metallurgical motor segment market leader in the market; the company is China's explosion-proof motor, lifting and metallurgy motor, local fan fan, shielding motor (electric pump) of the founding plant and leading factory In addition, Nanyang a company, Xiangtan a company and a factory in China also occupies a larger market share.

Analysis and summary of five forces in industry

Using Porter's "Five Forces" model, the Competition Environment analysis of Special Electric Motors industry can be seen, the competition of Special Electric Motors industry in our country is fiercer. According to the above analysis, the competition in all aspects of quantification, 1 represents the largest, 0 represents the smallest,