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What Is The Difficulty Of Doing A NEMA Standard Motor?

Jun 12, 2017

NEMA standard motor is difficult to work the voltage is 230 / 460V, while the Chinese working voltage is 220 / 380V.

NEMA standard motor is mainly used in the United States, Canada, Mexico, NEMA standard motor for the fully enclosed fan-cooled motor, the power level, installation size and electrical and mechanical properties are in line with NEMA standards, fashionable, sophisticated, safe and reliable, And has a low temperature rise, noise and vibration, starting torque and other characteristics. The motor uses B design, F-class insulation, the use of the coefficient of 1.15, rated voltage of 208 ~ 230 / 460V, rated frequency of 60Hz, for no special requirements of the occasion, the maximum ambient temperature does not exceed 40 ℃, elevation of not more than 1000m, Can be used as a variety of mechanical equipment supporting the power. NEMA standard motor base and end cap made of high strength cast iron, corrosion resistance, long life, the outer surface of the chassis with heat sink, easy to heat.

EMA standard motor explosion - proof grade definition

Hazardous Locations: An area where explosions or fires may occur due to flammable gases, vapors, dust, light sources or suspended solids.

DIVISION 1 (Zone 1): DIVISION 1 (Zone 1) In general, the hazard may occur in daily production, or frequent repairs and maintenance.

DIVISION2 (Zone 2); DIVISION 2 (Zone 2) is in the event of an abnormal situation. Hazardous substances are confined in closed containers or enclosed systems. The damage only occurs when an accidental shock, collision, or unusual misuse.

CLASS Ⅰ (Class I): The area where the combustible gas or steam in the air reaches a certain amount of explosion or fire.

CLASS Ⅱ (Class II): Locations due to combustible dust

CLASS Ⅱ (Ⅲ grade): the presence of flammable light sources or suspended solids