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Depth Analysis Of The Special Electric Motors When The Selection Of Tips

Sep 28, 2017

1. Type of choice

Choose which kind of factory motor type, on the one hand in accordance with the consumer machinery on the Special Electric Motors mechanical characteristics, starting function, speed performance, brake preparation, overloading and other aspects of the request; In addition, on the one hand, but also from the initial investment, Cut operating costs and other economic aspects of comprehensive differentiation. In the start, read speed and other performance without extraordinary request conditions, the preferred use of three-phase asynchronous cage motor.

2. Power selection

When selecting the power of the Special Electric Motors, the additional power of the selected motor is the amount of power that is greater than the power required by the consumer machine, and it can not be overloaded. Can be used analogy, statistical methods, test and test methods, such as the law must be.

3. Voltage selection

The additional voltage of the switching Special Electric Motors should be selected and the voltage difference between the power supply grid. The extra voltage of the DC motor also works with the supply voltage, often operating 110 V or 220 V. High-power DC motors can advance to 600 to 800 V to 1000

4. Speed selection

In accordance with the speed of the consumer machinery and transmission system after the economic control of the Special Electric Motors must be the additional speed. The extra power of the motor is not the same as the extra speed, the Special Electric Motors volume, heavy summer and the lower the cost, the popular fly wheel moment

5. appearance of the choice of organs

I plant often operate the appearance of the organs are open, protective, closed, sealed, explosion-proof.