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IEC Standard Motor Has Been Put On The Market

Sep 28, 2017

IEC standard motor to choose from the power range 0.18kw-375kw, NEMA standard motor power range 1HP-300HP. Can provide CE and UL certification, NEMA motor service factor of 1.15, protection class IP23, IP44, IP55, protection form ODP, TEFC. According to the requirements of variable torque load, the motor can choose the matching frequency conversion device.     

IEC standards are mainly used in European countries, such as Sweden, Germany, France, Britain and other countries. China's GB standard motor and IEC standard motor similar. IEC standard motor operating frequency is 50HZ, the working voltage is 380V, the corresponding motor synchronous speed is: 2 pole motor 3000RPM; 4 pole motor 1500RPM; 6 pole motor 1000RPM. Well-known motor brands are: ABB motor, SIEMENS motor, LS (LEROY SOMER) Emerson Lilaisenma motor.

At present, many countries in the world (including our country) have paid great attention to the energy saving of the motor system. The energy efficiency standards of the motors have been formulated in countries such as the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and so on. In 1992, the US Department of Energy issued new energy regulations that set the efficiency standards for high efficiency three-phase asynchronous motors and officially began on October 24, 1997. Canada also developed a corresponding energy efficiency decree in 1992 and provided that it would come into effect in 1999. The European Association of Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers (CEMEP) decided in 1999 to reduce the production of 50% of the lower efficiency level motor by 2003. And no longer produce a lower efficiency level motor after 2006. CEMEP and grading the motor efficiency level according to the EU directive, the efficiency is divided into EFF1, EFF2, EFF3 three grades. At present, Europe has SIEMENS, ABB and other companies have developed efficient eff1 grade high efficiency motor, and has been put on the market.