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Line Maintenance Of AC Motor

Feb 17, 2017

1, the motor should be kept clean, does not allow debris into the motor inside air inlet and outlet must be kept open.

2, use instruments to monitor the supply voltage, frequency and load current of the motor. Power supply voltage and frequency must conform to the motor's nameplate data, motor load current must not exceed the nameplate ratings, or to identify the cause and take measures, poor elimination could not continue to run.

3, to take the necessary means to detect motor temperature rise of the various parts.

4, for wound rotor motor, keep the brush contact pressure with the slip ring, wear and sparks. When the motor has stopped, power the stator circuit switch in and pull brush lifting mechanism to the start position, disconnect the short circuiting device.

Periodic maintenance after 5, motor runs, two General repair, overhaul. Repair is the General overhaul, the boot device and as a whole without disassembly of the motor, about once a quarter, major repairs to all gear and remove all of the parts of the motor and disassembly of components for a comprehensive inspection and cleaning, generally once a year.