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Maintenance Of The AC Motor

Feb 17, 2017

First, getting ready for a start and check

1, check the boot device and electric grounding is reliable and complete, the wiring is correct and good.

Shown in 2, check the motor nameplate voltage, frequency and power supply voltage and frequency match.

3, the new installation or long-term disabled motor windings should be checked before, relative to the insulation resistance. Insulation group should be greater than 0.5 megohm, if less than this value, the winding must be dried.

4, the winding rotor should check the slip rings for the brush unit is working on, brush pressure for compliance.

5, check the motor rotation is flexible, plain oil level the oil reaches requirements.

6, check the motor rated current of the fuses used to meet the requirements.

7, check the motor fastening bolts and attachment bolts are tightened.