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High quality, high performance is the passport for efficient motor to the world

Mar 09, 2019

In recent years, NEMA and YE3 series of high-efficiency motors produced by Lijiu company have been going global. It is not easy for us, as a Chinese enterprise, to sell our products and gain a foothold in the world's motor market. High-efficiency motors with high quality and high performance have become our passport to the world.

The improvement of product quality is not only depend on a person, a shop, a department, it is a comprehensive management work, therefore, Lijiu company established and improved the technological process, complete quality management standards, quality responsibilities to every person, make the employees in the company can be strictly work in accordance with the process operation, follow the quality management standards, continually improve professional skills and proficiency, work hard to reduce quality accidents, to make sure the good quality of products is produced by every employee in the process, not checked out by the inspector .

Lijiu will abide by the quality principle of “Superior quality , Sincere service , Continuous improvement , Pursuing excellence” , High quality, high performance and high efficiency motor is our passport to the world.