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Special Electric Motors Equipment Safety Knowledge And Daily Inspection Reference

Oct 31, 2017

First, the construction of Special Electric Motors elevator (can be manned):

Preface: high-level construction of the necessary special equipment, if the accident occurred cage accident, will cause as little as one person, as many people directly die. So it should be given attention! Here we talk about the protection of the construction of the elevator Special Electric Motors safety device content and role;

1, fence, the base of the security device:

Outside the door safety hook (elevator Special Electric Motors down in place to open, used to prevent people or goods in the cage running into the bottom of the damage caused by mechanical damage measures)

Outside the door limiter (when the door is open, the cage to stop running, the role of the same as above)

Cage cushioning device

2, safety devices on the cage.

Front, back door, sunroof limit (running the door open to stop, to prevent accidental fall)

Front door safety hook (front door cage down to the end before opening to prevent the opening process caused by accidental fall, the back door safety hook for the cage after the manual open, the role is to prevent the cage during the operation due to their own jitter or other reasons Making the back door open and cause personal injury)

Anti-dropper: When the cage over the normal speed, the direct mechanical lock forced to stop the cage fall, anti-dropping country mandatory mandatory period of 5 years, more than scrapped! The date of the test is one year.

Emergency stop: emergency stop

Limit switch: belong to the electrical part of the final protection, when the cage up or down more than the limit device after the protection device.

Overload protector: When the rated load is exceeded, the cage stops upward.

Cage safety hook: (to prevent the cage caused by the accidental derailment, the general pairs appear)

3, the drive board safety device:

Brake system: (common for each motor independent braking, not allowed to work insensitive or three motor two brake phenomenon)

Drive plate safety hook: (to prevent the drive plate due to unexpected transversal from the track)

4, the body structure of the inspection: the main check the body connection screws are loose, whether there is welding mouth cracking, attachment spacing is consistent with the instructions, attached anchor is solid and reliable.

5, the electric box part: (whether there is broken phase continued protection, the electrical parts of the action when there is abnormal sound, whether there is thermal relay, the box is ground protection)