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Special Electric Motors Industry Development

Oct 20, 2017

Special Electric Motors is a kind of motor mainly refers to the use of the environment and the production of special distinction between the name of the general motor. With the development of industrialization and automation technology to improve the use of Special Electric Motors range more and more widely.

From the current world of mechanical and electrical products import and export trade flows, the vast majority of mechanical and electrical products, cross-border trade flows, in North America, Europe and Asia has been formed regional trade groups within the inter-regional trade groups between. From the perspective of economic globalization, mechanical and electrical products trade to a certain extent, showing a relatively concentrated in the geographical distribution. At present, exports of electromechanical products in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania account for 94% of the world's export volume of electromechanical products. The import of electromechanical products in the above-mentioned regions accounts for 85% of the world trade volume of electromechanical products.

As the development of the world's mechanical and electrical products mainly rely on Europe, North America, Asia, the expansion of the scale of trade in electromechanical products, therefore, the three regions of the growth rate of trade in mechanical and electrical products, reflecting the whole world of mechanical and electrical products trade development of the whole picture.