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Special Electric Motors Makes Life Change Due To Energy Saving!

Jul 13, 2017

In today's society, energy conservation is not a new topic, which has long been emphasized to be taken seriously. And in this many energy-saving cause of energy-saving energy is to occupy a very important part of the market. In the whole society power consumption, about 70% spent in the industrial field, while the industrial motor power consumption and occupation of the entire industrial sector 70% of electricity. Therefore, through the industrial motor energy-saving transformation, can significantly reduce the energy consumption of the whole society, and Special Electric Motors in this area is doing very well, is a Special Electric Motors to change the energy for life!

Improve the efficiency of Special Electric Motors operation can be mainly through two ways, one through the inverter speed, improve the efficiency of AC motor operation; the second is the use of efficient motor. Rely on the inverter is the main way in the field of industrial energy saving, inverter energy efficiency is generally more than 30% in some industries and even 40% -50%. At present, the proportion of high-efficiency motor market is still low, but in the lowest energy efficiency standards and subsidy policy support, the future of Special Electric Motors market will increase the proportion of the market.

Special Electric Motors installation of the main B3, B5, B35, the general three-phase Special Electric Motors installation methods are B3, B5, B35 several

B3 has a base, no direct installation of the flange, B5 without base, with direct mounting flange, B35 has a base, a direct installation of the flange. There are many ways to install the motor, mainly horizontal and vertical. B5, B3, B7, B8, B9, B10, B14, B15, B20, B30; vertical divided into V1, V15, V2, V3, V36, V4, V5 V5, V10, V14, V16, V18, V21, V21, V30, V31; but the most important, the most commonly used is B3 (general horizontal), B5 (with flange no foot) B35 ( With a foot with a flange) of the installation.