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Special Usage Motor

Aug 29, 2019

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Application:Industrial

  • Operating Speed:Constant Speed

  • Number of Stator:Three-Phase

  • Rotor Structure:Squirrel-Cage

  • Casing Protection:Closed Type

  • Number of Poles:4

  • Starting Mode:y-δ Starting

  • Certification:ISO9001, CCC, CE, CSA

  • Available Size: H90~ H132, with 2/4 Pole:Rated Output: 1.5kw ~ 5.5kw (2.0HP ~ 7.5HP)

Product Description

YX3 three phase induction motors are designed on the basis of Y2 series motors, they have the features of compact structure, easy operation, high reliability and energy saving.

YX3 series motors are same as Y series three phase motors.