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What Are The Common Power Of Special Electric Motors?

Jun 22, 2017

Special Electric Motors is relative to the traditional brush DC motor and AC induction motor fuzzy concept. Traditionally, in addition to the Brush DC motor, AC asynchronous motor, all motors are called Special Electric Motors. Rather than the use of the occasion of the motor is a Special Electric Motors.

Three-phase 220 motor, KW 3.5 amps.

Commonly used 380 motor, a kilowatts two amps.

Low voltage 660 motor, KW 1.2 amps.

High Voltage 3,000 kv motor, four kw a amps.

High Voltage 6,000 kv motor, eight kw a amps.

1, Special Electric Motors commonly known as "motor" refers to the law of electromagnetic induction to achieve the conversion or transfer of electrical energy of an electromagnetic device. In the circuit the letter m (old standard with D) is indicated. Its main role is to generate driving torque as a power source for use with electrical appliances or various machines. The generator is represented by the letter G in the circuit. Its main role is to use mechanical energy to convert to electrical energy, the most commonly used is the use of heat, water, etc. to promote the generator rotor to generate electricity.

2. The power representation is the physical quantity of the work speed. The work done in unit time is called Power, expressed in P. Therefore, the power equals the scalar product of the force and the speed of the object's force. Refers to the work done by the object in the unit time, that is, the power is the physical quantity that indicates the working speed.

Special Electric Motors power can be divided into electric power, power and so on. So the calculation formula is different.

Calculation formula of electric power of Special Electric Motors: P W Siui, according to Ohm's Law Upir PIUI can also be obtained: Pii (U Su)/R servo motor