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Work Hard Technical Problems, Repair Special Electric Motors

Jul 13, 2017

The Special Electric Motors is blurred with respect to conventional brush DC motors and AC induction motors. Traditionally, in addition to brush DC motor, AC induction motor, all motors are called Special Electric Motors, rather than used in special occasions, the motor is a Special Electric Motors.

Special Electric Motors industry is one of the key industries to encourage the development of the country, if the national industrial policy, tax policy and related environmental policy changes, will be Special Electric Motors business production and management have a certain impact, thus affecting the development of the industry as a whole. The future countries to encourage high-tech, energy-efficient high-end equipment development, which Special Electric Motors technology put forward higher requirements for the development of industry technology has played a great role in guiding.

In addition, the state for the Special Electric Motors downstream industry, the enthusiasm of the policy on the development of these downstream industries played a very crucial role in the development of the downstream industry caused by the size of the demand for Special Electric Motorss equivalent to the Special Electric Motors industry market size, The size of the industry plays a decisive role in the Special Electric Motors industry. The state of equipment manufacturing and other industries to stimulate the Special Electric Motors industry as a whole to play a positive role in pulling.

Thermal power plant repair section of the motor class staff after repeated debugging, access to technical data, only a week's time to repair the VAE factory production with a Special Electric Motors.

Special Electric Motors principle is very complex, it belongs to a variety of variable speed adjustment of the unit equipment, motor winding turns and personality are different, the motor connection is more complex, the winding connection is not the general motor connection. Motor classes have never been repaired this unit, and my heart did not end, but the task in front of them, they can only bite the bullet and difficult. Squad leader Xie Yong and old staff Dong Meihong read a lot of information to find data, but also according to the original winding analysis, see the connection connection, to determine the good position before the start winding maintenance. After two days to complete the work of the clamp line, then the cable is a big problem, the number of different numbers of different connections, a little error on the unit can not run, maintenance personnel just inside the connection to spend a day or two effort.

  After five days of exploration and maintenance, the unit equipment has been fully up to the normal operation of the value of the two hours of no-load test, the unit running smoothly, the normal speed, the temperature is normal, three-phase current is normal.