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YX3 Series Electric Induction Crane Motor

Aug 30, 2019
Basic Info
  • Operating Speed: Constant Speed

  • Species: YX3 Series

  • Casing Protection: Closed Type

  • IP: IP54, IP55

  • Ambinet Temperature: -15~40/60 Celsius Degree

  • Frame Size: 112~400mm

  • Mounting: ImB3,B5,B35,V1,V5

  • Specification: CE, ISO9001, CSA

  • Application: Industrial

  • Number of Stator: Three-Phase

  • Rotor Structure: Squirrel Cage, Winding

  • Number of Poles: 6, 8, 10

  • Certification: ISO9001, CCC, CSA, CE

  • Voltage: 380V/50Hz, or as Required

  • IC: IC411

  • Altitude: Within 1000 Meters

  • Power: 0.75~315kw

Product Description
YX3 series motors are specially used for driving various types of crane and metallurgical machinery or other similar equipment, is with squirrel cage rotor.

1. Large overload capacity
2. High mechanical strength
3. Compact structure

Working conditions:

*Ambient conditions
1. Ambient temperature: -15oC~40oC (60oC for metallurgical motor)
2. Altitude: within 1000meters

*Loading conditions
1. Under frequent starting/reversing.

*Power conditions
1. Power supply: 380v/50Hz, or as customer required
2. Connection: Y(star) for power within 3 Kw, Δ(delta) for rest

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