DYG Multi-speed High Starting Torque Motor

Product Details

Center height of frame: H200~H315mm  

Rated power: 10KW~75KW

Supply voltage, frequency: 380V, 50Hz (can be customized) 

Protection grade: IP54, IP55

Thermal Class: 155 (F) 

Cooling: IC411

DYG series Multi-speed High Starting Torque Motor System is a pole-changing variable speed motor which is special designed to change the motor speed. It consists of high starting torque multi-speed motor and control cabinet. The motors have features of high starting torque and energy-saving performance. The motor has two kinds of output speed and power. They can change speed through switch in the control cabinet. The control system is simple and reliable. The cabinet adopts special structure design which has features of good short-circuit protection, overload protection, rain-leakage protection and theft-preventing. This series motors are suitable for oil field, mine which are situation of high starring torque, huge torque loading.