Electromagnetic Adjustable Speed Motor

Electromagnetic Adjustable Speed Motor
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Electromagnetic Adjustable Speed Motor

Center height of frame: H112~H355mm  

Rated output power: 0.55kW~90kW

Supply voltage, frequency: 380V、50Hz (can be customized)

Protection grade: IP21 

Thermal Class: 155 (F)

Cooling: IC411

YCT Electromagnetic Adjustable Speed Motor is a simple and reliable constant torque stepless variable speed motor. It consists of a squirrel cage induction motor, an electromagnetic coupling and a coupling. 

With a wide range of speed control, big start torque, small control power and speed negative feedback, it has been widely used in printing presses and riding stapler, wireless binding, high-frequency drying linkage machine and chain boiler grate control.  The protection grade of the Motor housing is IP54 and IP55 Motor housing can also be made according to users' needs.