Pole Changing Induction Motor

Pole Changing Induction Motor
Product Details

Center height of frame: H112~H355mm  

Rated output power: 0.55kW~90kW

Supply voltage, frequency: 380V/50Hz (can be customized)

Protection grade: IP44, IP54, IP55  

Thermal Class: 155 (F)

Cooling: IC411

YD Series pole changing Induction motor is is a general-purpose self-enclosed fan-cooled squirrel cage motor with with rated voltage of 380V, rated frequency of 50HZ, IP44/IP54/IP55 protection grade, IC411cooling method and Class F insulation. It is one of the derivative series of Y series motor. Its protection grade, shape, installation and dimensions are the same with the Y series. YD series motors have three types, two-speed, three-speed and four-speed motor. The two-speed motor adopts single- winding pole-changing method to realize speed change. The three-speed motor adopts two independent sets of winding to achieve speed conversion. YD Series motors feature small size, light weight, low noise, good start-up performance, reliable operation and easy maintenance. This series of motors are widely used in various machinery and equipment that need step-by-step speed regulation. They can can reduce machine noise, save energy and make the overall structure compact.