YCT Series Squirrel Cage Electromagnetic Adjustable Speed Motor for Fan Blower, Water Pump and Mine Machine.

Product Details

Center height of frame: H112~H355mm  

Rated output power: 0.55kW~90kW

Supply voltage, frequency: 380V、50Hz (can be customized)

Protection grade: IP21 

Thermal Class: 155 (F)

Cooling: IC411

YCT Series Squirrel Cage Electromagnetic Adjustable Speed Motor is a simple and reliable constant torque step less variable speed motor. It consists of a squirrel cage induction motor, an electromagnetic coupling and a coupling. 

This series motor can step less adjust its speed within rated speed and output rated torque. Its output speed on drive shaft holds nearly constant by automatically adjusting the coupling exciting current by means of speed negative feedback system of the controller according to the load changes. This series motor is suitable for equipment which load torque increases with speed rising, such as fan blowers and pumps. It has features of simple structure, easy operating, environmental adaptability and low price.